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Weight Control Through Hypnosis

Use Hypnosis to get control of your weight, reduce it and end unwanted habits. Hypnosis is a safe, easy, smart and low cost solution to your weight control problem. No diets, cravings or intensive exercise programs!


Obesity is not merely unattractive. It is in itself unhealthy and also predisposes a person to a number of illnesses. Being over-weight is definitely linked to the following problems:

  1. Heart conditions: Obesity places an increased burden on the heart and is known to be associated with enlargement of the heart. This can be reversed if the patient loses weight. Obesity is also linked to congestive heart failure and to coronary artery disease.
  2. Joint deterioration: Because extra weight . is added to the skeleton,  obesity  is  linked  to  degenerative  joint  disease (osteoarthritis).  Over-weight people are also more likely to suffer attacks of gouty arthritis.  Attempting to lose weight with drastic high-protein fad diets can also cause attacks of gout.
  3. Lung disturbance: Since extra body weight places a burden on the lungs by making breathing difficult, lung function is impaired.   In particular,  inadequate oxygen enters the blood because of labored breathing.   This accounts for the fatigue that obese people complain of frequently.
  4. Hypertension:  Hardening of  the arteries  (atherosclerosis) occurs more frequently among over-weight people, and they are the most frequently prone to high blood pressure as a result. This highly dangerous condition, which can be reversed through weight loss, is linked to numerous other illnesses, including angina pectoris and sudden death from heart failure.
  5. Gallstones:  Over-weight people, especially women, develop gallstones more often than normal. Being overweight is associated with high levels of cholesterol secretion in the gallbladder, which leads to the formation of cholesterol gallstones.
  6. Diabetes:  About 80 percent of diabetics who develop this illness as adults are obese. Obesity adversely affects the fat cells so that they do not respond properly to insulin, and the result is elevated blood sugar, or diabetes. Many obese diabetics who are currently treated by medication, usually insulin injections, could be free of it simply by losing their excess weight.
  7. Cancer:  It appears that excessive eating in itself may stimulate production of the hormone estrogen, which is implicated in the onset of cancer. Also, obese women, particularly after menopause, are more prone to cancer of the breast and uterus. Obesity is also a risk factor for prostate cancer in men.

How does obesity occur? Very simply put, the body gains weight when the intake of calories exceeds what the body needs for physical activity and growth.

Another fascinating observation along these same lines, which many physicians would corroborate, is that drastic dieting can cause patients to stop losing weight altogether. It has even been noted, though the mechanism for this is not exactly known, that compared with moderate dieting, drastic dieting actually can lead to weight gain. One theory about this phenomenon holds that severe caloric restriction prompts the body to lower its rate of metabolic activity, so that although fewer calories are taken in, the body decides to burn fewer of them up. Instead, even these limited calories are turned into fat.

It is as if the body sees a famine coming when so little food is eaten, so quite intelligently it decides to shut down its consumption and stores what little there is as future fuel.

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