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Cell Command Therapy

Cellular Healing by Suggestion

The miracle of regeneration or healing, happens to almost all of us at some time in our life.  In the literature and articles that discuss why healing occurs, many reasons are given.  some of the reasons appear to be caused by substances like drugs, herbs or stimulants that cause the healing.   Other causes seem to be changes in; the diet, the lifestyle, or the person's living conditions.  While other reasons for healing appear to be miraculous and without scientific reason, like therapeutic touch or faith healing, or even prayer.  some of these cases are so miraculous that they are written in literature.  Also many cases of spontaneous remission of disease or illness without any know reason, have been recorded in medical journals and literature.

Healing of the physical body is a process that is natural for everyone and can be stimulated or started very easily.  In young healthy people the stimulus to start the healing may simply be the condition or injury itself.  Sometimes when we age or our immune system weakens for any number of reasons, the stimulus must come from some other source that just our body's own knowledge of how to heal itself.

This stimulus to start or begin the healing can come from a variety of sources.  The allopathic model of healing and health care, that we practice most widely in this county, uses both drug or chemical therapy as well as surgery and radiation treatments.  Under this belief system of healing, the stimulus is either the bodily effects from the drug or chemical or the stimulus from the surgery or radiation and subsequent hospitalization to assist in healing.

Sometimes the stimulant for healing can be just the suggestion of something that can trigger the immune system response needed to induce healing.  This appears to be the case of homeopathic remedies or homeopathic treatment for healing.  Hypnosis and hypnotherapy with appropriate suggestions for healing can also be the stimulus.  A specialized form of deep trance hypnosis used to stimulate healing is called "Cell Command Therapy".  This technique is communication with the cells affected and directed them to begin healing and rejuvenation.   It has demonstrated effectiveness for many different illnesses and conditions.

Medical science and technology have recognized another kind of influence for healing assistance that cannot be measured.   It seems to have a remarkable influence on the healing process and can even stimulate or cause it to begin in some cases.  This is demonstrated by those practitioners of therapeutic touch, and many other hands on therapies, like Reike, Huna, and Native American healing practices.  These energy field therapeutic and healing effects have been demonstrated over and over again, even when the patient is unaware and not physically touched by the healer.

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