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Answers to Myths About Hypnosis

.Hypnosis is a phenomenon which has traditionally been cloaked in mystery.  Anton Franz Mesmer, from whose name we get the word "mesmerize", first introduced the phenomenon, which he called "animal magnetism", in the late 18th century.  Mesmer staged demonstrations in which he dressed in a cape and used melodramatic methods.

Despite the more clinical, down-to-earth approaches which have characterized hypnosis in medical and psychotherapeutic practice, an aura of myth and mystery remains.  The following are answers to a few of the myths about hypnosis:

  1. Hypnosis in NOT brainwashing.
  2. Hypnosis does NOT weaken the mind.
  3. Subjects do NOT reveal "secrets" while in trance.
  4. There is NO surrender of will or autonomy.
  5. There is NO danger what-so-ever of being unable to awaken from a trance.
  6. Intelligent people ARE good hypnosis subjects.
  7. Hypnosis is NOT a panacea or cure-all.
  8. You will NOT lose consciousness while in a hypnotic trance.

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