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How Does Subliminal Programming Work?

....The conscious and the subconscious mind, making up the human brain, have often been compared to a computer.  The conscious mind acts as a communication center it controls all voluntary actions of the body, makes decisions, reason, calculates.  It is creative.  It can think of new ideas, register pain fear, happiness, etc, in order for the conscious mind to be able to do all of these things, it must have a place to pull information from, So, much like a computer, the conscious mind also has a storage bank which is called the subconscious mind.

....The subconscious mind is where everything we experience in a lifetime is stored.  The subconscious mind retains everything.  It doesn't screen information.  It doesn't determine right from wrong, positive, from negative: it just stores everything experienced.  For example have you ever heard a song on the radio that you hadn't heard for many years and start to sing along with it?  did you ever try to remember something and say "it's right on the tip of my tongue?" .  Sometimes you remember right away and sometimes it will come to you later.  Most often, you do remember. This is because your subconscious mind and the latter's storage bank scanners are at work looking for the answer.  If the information has been stored at some time, the answer will come to you.

....The human mind can only give out answers based upon information it has been programmed with, just as a computer does.  It reacts based upon information stored.  Our habits depend on our subconscious programming.  We are all a product of our thinking.

....Many scientific studies have proven that if the subconscious mind is intentionally programmed with positive thoughts and ideas, that soon the conscious mind will begin to act with the information it has received and positive results can be easily obtained.

....The conscious mind can reject an idea.  The subconscious mind, on the other hand, can and will accept information which is not audible/visible to the conscious mind.

....Subliminal messages enter the brain at a level high enough for the subconscious mind to see, hear and understand, but low enough so that the conscious mind is not aware and will not block them.  In this way, subliminal messages are able to remove negative thoughts, behaviors and habits and to communicate positive suggestions directly to the subconscious.

...So the primary reason subliminal messages are so influential, is because they bypass the critical filtering aspects of the conscious mind.  They go directly to the regulating files we keep to direct our behavior.

....Extensive studies reveal that subliminal programming works to affect human behavior in at least three ways:

  1. By enlivening and activating healthy wishes and drives already present in one's unconscious.

  2. By imparting new and useful information into one's unconscious mind.

  3. By increasing one's unconscious selective attention while potentiating awareness.

....Using subliminal programming, we are able to remove negative thoughts/ideas, behaviors and habits and communicate positive new suggestions directly into the subconscious mind.

....The subconscious mind cannot cause behavior contrary to a person's subconscious motives, drives and values.  "In short, a subliminal message cannot force anyone to do anything they wouldn't want to do".

....Subliminal messages only reinforce, trigger these subconscious motives, drives and values and through positive reinforcement, make them more influential on conscious behavior.

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