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History of Subliminal Programming

....One of the most significant discoveries of modern research has been that of the effectiveness of subliminal programming.  With the advent of recorded moving pictures with sound, a powerful new tool was released for directly accessing the subconscious portion of the mind, and so strong influence it via rapid cues.

....Subliminal programming first came screaming into American consciousness in the mid-1950's when American market/motivational research James Vicary demonstrated the tachistoscope, a device used to flash consciously invisible messages on the screen which could be seen only by the subconscious mind.  During one six-week test in a Fort Lee, New Jersey movie theater, involving 45,699 patrons, messages were flashed on alternate days over Kim Novak's calming face: "Hungry? Eat Popcorn," and "Drink Coca-Cola" During the six weeks, popcorn sales rose 57.7% and Coca-Cola sales rose 18.1%.

....Experimental research in the late 1950's yielded data strongly emphasizing the enormous potential for the mass communications industry or subliminally induce print and electronic media content.

....By the late 1950's, subliminal messages had been exhaustively tested in eight areas of human behavior: dreams, memory, value norm anchor points, conscious perception verbal behavior, emotions, drives, and perceptual defenses.  There is at present, no serious question that human behavior can be influenced by stimulation or information at which individuals, groups or even societies are completely unaware.

....Than in the late 1970's and 1980, stories leaked out to the public about subliminal messages reducing shoplifting losses in retail stores across the country, an article appeared about the use of subliminal messages in advertising.

....Numerous follow-up experiments in other media formats have confirmed, time and time again the effectiveness of this powerful communications tool.

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