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Does Subliminal Programming Work?

....Can any of these gimmicks really work?  "Absolutely," says Jagdish Sleth President of the American Psychological Association's Division of consumer Psychology.  "The controversy has always been over changing people's attitudes.  That you can't do!  what you can do is trigger a prior attitude or disposition."

....Buying popcorn and soda at a movie theater is acceptable behavior, so a subliminal advertisement about products should work well.  Selling a refrigerator in a movie theater wouldn't work but may trigger the name of the subliminal advertisement when you are shopping for one.

....Subliminal advertising won't make Avis number one.  A recent study found, for example, that showing the message "Eat Beef" doesn't induce a craving for beef.  It did, however, increase sandwich consumption in general.  A consumer's "preference hierarchy" can't be changed by these methods.  According to Del Hawkins, dean at this University of Oregon's school of Business, instead, the effect of subliminal programming will be spread over all similar products.  Of course that limitation doesn't render subliminal programming useless.  In a supposedly dog-eat-dog world, many corporate canines would rather form a pack so that all might dine on a larger piece of consumer spending.

....Subliminal techniques were employed in a major motion picture,  The Exorcist.  The producers were apparently effective enough in inciting fear and terror that their use of subliminal techniques is a major issue in a $350,000 law suite against Warner Brothers for injuries sustained by one viewer, when he fainted and broke his jaw shortly after seeing a subliminal death mask.  Increasingly enough, William Blatty, the author of the novel on which the Exorcist is based, is a former CIA operative who served as the Policy Branch Chief of Psychological Warfare Division of the United States Air Force.

....According to previously classified documents, the CIA tested subliminal manipulation in movie theaters during the late 1950's and a document on these studies speculated "that subliminal projection can be utilized in such a way as to feature visual suggestion as "obey (deleted)."  The extent of the CIA research is unknown.

....Subliminals in marketing has taken on a new interest in the potential of subliminal stimulation since science magazine carried a report in 1980 by two respected investigators, R Zajonc and W. Knust-Wilson.  They reported that like/dislike rating ("affected reactions") can be influenced by stimuli that are truly subliminal.

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